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Sant Marti property for saleThe district of Sant Marti, San Martin, in Spanish, is often refered to as the tenth of the ten districts of Barcelona. It is located in the north east of Barcelona and is where a large part of old “Industrial Barcelona” was located. Some have said that the district of Sant Marti used to be dubbed the “Manchester of Catalunya”. The industrial importance of Sant Marti can not be underestimated although its large beaches have certainly helped its more modern transformation into one of the most popular areas for foreign buyers. Sant Marti property has enjoyed solid and continuous demand for some years now.

In recent time the areas that have been updated and transformed such as the Olympic Port or Diagonal Mar. The much touted town plan of District 22@ was developed here from 2000 onwards. All of these points and more make buying property in Sant Marti an attractive proposition. The 22@ plan has sometimes been called the “Silican” Valley” of Barcelona! Some say that the dotcom boom never matured eough for this area to be the success everyone expected but the area has benefited greatly from the plan and the future looks bright.

The transformation proposed in the 2000 “District 22@” was to take 200 hectares of industrial land in Poblenou and develop it into a modern cluster aimed at innovation and knowledge based industries. The goal was for there to be 5 defined areas of business: Media, high technology, energy, design and medical technology. The overall goal was to make the whole area not just attractive for business, but also to attract and retain the talent necessary for these companies by creating new spaces for living, developing parks, infrastructure, such as the new tram line, and allowing modern housing to appear.

Since 2001 the project has attracted more than 4500 companies including Yahoo! Mediapro, and Microsoft to name a few. For buyers of Sant Marti property the most popular areas to buy and to invest are the Olympic Port, Diagonal Mar and Poblenou.

Of course it is well known that the 1992 Olympic Games provided not only the incentive for change in this area but also the funding. This is when the Vila Olimpica was built to house the athletes and trainers. Other spin offs from the Olympic Games were the Olympic Port and the Icaria Shopping Centre with its cinema offering movies in the original version.

The combination of residencial and business neighbourhoods coupled with the best beaches and leisure facilities make the San Marti district a sure bet for investment or for plain coming here and living in it purchases of property.




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