Barceloneta Property for Sale – Live Near Don Quixote’s Beach!

No visit to Barcelona is complete without a trip to the Barceloneta. There are not many city beaches in the world and in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona the beaches of Barceloneta are world famous. The Barceloneta beach even appears in Cervantes’ Don Qioxote. When people begin their search for Barcelona real estate they often ask about if we have Barceloneta property for sale.

It seems incredible to know that this part of Barcelona was largely uninhabited. In the id 18th century it was sometimes frequented by fishermen and the first homes were not seen here until 1754!

Of course nowadays the Barceloneta is a thriving and lively seaside resort almost in its own right. Culturally it is also enriched by the  Palau de Mar which houses the History Museum of Catalonia. The 14th century “Llotja” building is also a marvel of neoclassical architecture holding wonderful medieval and neoclassical sculptures.

The Barceloneta is also home to many restaurants and some, including Wikipedia, say it is the best place to get a paella in Barcelona. Yet those of us who know Barceloneta know that it is really home to MakaMaka Beach Burger Café where you can get some of the best burgers in town. It is also where we find Surf House with its trendy blend of food and lifestyle. There are some amazing Indian, Italian and even Peruvian options too. If you are looking for advice on where to eat drop us a line and if you are looking for Barceloneta property for sale that will also work!

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